Tree-related Structural Damage Reports

Trees can cause damage to structures directly or indirectly.
Direct Damage:- is where a tree grows and comes in to contact with adjacent structures causing damage as a result. Aerial parts of a tree can cause damage to guttering, roofs etc, or roots can cause increased pressure through expansion on structures such as footpaths, drives and walls causing movement and distortion.
At Morfe Valley we can recommend appropriate management of trees and/or the structures being damaged.
Indirect Damage:- causes serious damage to larger structures i.e buildings through subsidence or heave.
Subsidence is the downward movement and damage caused to a structure following soil shrinkage, usually on clay type soils where trees absorb sufficient moisture to cause such soils to shrink. Damage can also be caused by the opposite effect heave, where upward movement causes clay type soils rehydrate and expand.
At Morfe Valley we can offer assistance in determining whether your tree is a cause of subsidence and offer subsidence assessment, determining whether damage to a property is a result of yours or third party trees.

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