Air Spade Investigation

Air Spade Investigation

The Air Spade is useful for identifying any roots within Root Protection Areas (RPAs), which is useful for determining where a structure may be proposed to be installed in the RPA of a retained tree in following a BS5837 Survey.

Carrying out a trial excavation along the proposed foundation line with an Air Spade allows all significant tree roots to be retained, protected, inspected and assessed, which help to conclude with the likely impact of development on trees and appropriate mitigation measures.

Air Spade Investigations Fungal Interaction and Decay Detection

An air spade is often recommended by an arboriculturist when fungal interaction pathogen or disorder requires below-ground inspection. The Air Spade can be used to inspect the roots of a tree and assess for anomalies to aid appropriate management.

The Air Spade can carefully remove soil around roots allowing us to draw conclusions for future management.

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