Arboricultural Consultancy Services

Tree Surveys in Accordance with BS5837:2012

Local Authorities have a duty under planning legislation to ensure trees are protected on development site proposals. Therefore, developers must meet the planning procedures by submitting a tree survey and report to support a planning application in accordance with BS5837:2012.

A BS5837 survey enables both the developer and the Local Authority to identify the impacts of development on important trees within the proposal. It can also inform a suitable design layout at the early planning stages through assessment of tree constraints, making appropriate design layout alterations where appropriate.
We can offer years of experience with an emphasis on detail and advice to provide our clients with the appropriate support they require for their needs.

We provide Arboricultural Constraints Assessments to aid design and Arboricultural Impact Assessments (AIA) and Arboricultural Method Statements (AMS) to aid your planning application and development design layout proposals.

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Tree Risk Management

Land owners are legally responsible under the “Occupiers Liability act” for ensuring their trees are managed appropriately and that they do not present an unreasonable risks to public and/or property.

At Morfe Valley we can provide inspections of individual trees or numerous trees producing plans and reports. As Quantified Tree Risk Assessment QTRA licensed users and PTI accredited CAS members, we are able to provide reassurance and make appropriate management recommendations to minimise tree risk.

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Air Spade Investigation

Carrying out a trial excavation along the proposed foundation line with an Air Spade allows all significant tree roots to be retained, protected, inspected and assessed, which help to conclusion on the likely impact of development on trees and appropriate mitigation measures.



  • Ecological Reports
  • Desktop data Surveys
  • Habitat Surveys (Phase 1)
  • Habitat Management Plans
  • Protected Species Mitigation
  • National Vegetation Assessment (NVA)
  • Ecological Impact Assessment (EIA)

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